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Keep Your Party From Ending Badly: Tips On Protecting Your Guests From A DUI

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If you have a party coming up that you are hosting for friends or family, you are likely getting ready to make a run for some beer or wine for everyone to consume during the event. You'll want an ample selection of beverages available, but you should also make sure that no one leaves the party under the influence. The last thing you want is for you or someone else to have to hire a DUI attorney because they were pulled over by the cops or caused an accident. Here are a few tips to keep things under control.

Serve Plenty of Food and Snacks Throughout the Night

Serving food at the party is something you're probably already doing, but a common problem is that people sometimes eat early in the night and then spend the rest of the evening drinking. Food can actually slow the rate of alcohol absorption into the bloodstream. Keep a ready supply of snacks available to your guests all night long as the drinking continues.

Stop Serving Before the Party Ends

Discretely put the beer back in your fridge in the basement or dump the punch bowl out an hour or two before the party ends and switch to nonalcoholic beverages. This won't help if someone has been pounding drinks all night, but it might help someone who is still on the borderline. If someone asks for another drink and you are really concerned about them, tell them you ran out and offer something else instead.

Have Guests Turn in Keys Upon Arrival

If you are throwing a party where the entire point is to get drunk and rowdy, ask for everyone's keys as soon as they get there. Then, someone must clearly demonstrate to you that they are sober before you let them leave at the end of the night. Encourage a designated driver system as well. Obviously, you want to make sure you are not that drunk so that you can be a good gauge of whether or not someone is capable of driving.

A good party host should have a wide selection of beverages available, but it is an even better host that takes care to make sure that no one drives drunk. Serve food throughout the night as a full stomach can slow how fast alcohol makes it into the bloodstream. Cut your guests off from the drinks before the end of the party. If you know people intend to drink a lot, ask for their keys upon arrival. Do all of this and you and your guests will hopefully never have to hire a DUI attorney from a firm like the Law Offices of Daniel Aaronson.