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Sexting: Is There Really Any Harm In Sharing A Few Nude Photos, Or Provocative Texts?

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Are you like some people who view sexting as a harmless act that occurs between two consenting people? If so, you may have sent a few racy photos of your own, or sent some text messages that were of a sexual nature. This digital age phenom can come with disastrous consequences, which is why some people are leery about participating in this type of exchange. 

Social Consequences

There is a chance that the person you decide to sext with will keep the photos or messages you send them. They may not have plans to use them maliciously, but there is a chance that the photos or messages can get into the wrong hands if their phone is hacked. A few screenshots and uploads, and it can be all out there shared with others.

You should take into consideration how you would feel if your family members, friends or co-workers got access to the photos, videos or messages. Depending on the industry you work in, it may even put your job at risk.

Sex is a taboo subject in the eyes of some people. Their opinions of you may change. Some people will not understand the concept of sexting, and that can result in damaged reputations. 

Legal Consequences

Sexting can be considered a pornographic activity. Perhaps you will never send a photo of yourself, but forwarding photos of others can result in legal problems. This is particularly the case when minors are involved. For example, someone may forward a photo to you that looks like it is an adult pictured, however the person in photo may be underage. Your participation in the forwarding could put you in the midst of a felonious police investigation. 

Inner Well-Being Consequences

It is possible that you may have regrets about participating in sexting at a later date. This is why the decision to participate should be carefully considered. You may get called names that do not reflect who you truly are. 

In this time of social media, some people post photos and videos of others in compromising positions online. The stigma surrounding this has become so rampant, a sensational horror movie has been produced on the topic.

What You Can Do

If you decide to participate in sexting, reserve it for committed relationships. Do not take a chance with participating in this activity with casual romances. Make a rule with your partner that you will both delete images and messages rather than keeping them stored on phones or other devices. Ensure that you both have security passwords on your phones to prevent prying eyes in the event of a missed message. Avoid showing your face in photos when possible. 

If someone has accused you of maliciously spreading nude photos of them, you could end up facing criminal charges. A criminal defense attorney is the best resource to use against these allegations. To learn more, contact a professional like Russ Jones Attorney At Law with any questions you have.