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Busted With Drugs In A House: How A Defense Lawyer Can Help

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Were you busted with drugs in your home, and are you now being accused of being a drug dealer? You may face being charged with a felony that can land you an extensive amount of years behind bars if you don't hire a good drug defense lawyer to help you out. Learn how a lawyer can help you prove to the court that you don't deal drugs from your house and how much you will have to spend to hire such a lawyer.

How Can a Drug Defense Lawyer Help Someone Accused of Dealing Drugs?

When you have an initial consultation with a drug defense lawyer, he or she will want to know the type of people you associate with. Make sure you don't leave out any names, even if it means that you have to be truthful about someone that you love. Each person you associate with who has spent time in your home will be investigated by the lawyer. The key is to find out how the drugs got in the house.

If you know who may have possibly left drugs in your house but are afraid to tell because your life could be in danger, a lawyer can help keep you safe. There are witness protection programs available that can go as far as giving you a new identity, depending on the severity of the case.

A few of the other things a drug defense lawyer will do include:

  • Proving your character
  • Finding possible witnesses
  • Getting your criminal record

If you knew the drugs were left in your home and you allowed them to stay, you may still have to face jail time. However, a lawyer may be able to get your felony reduced to a lesser charge. You level of punishment will depend on your criminal background, so the lawyer will make sure your positive qualities are in the spotlight in court.

What Does it Cost to Hire a Drug Defense Lawyer?

You can expect to pay an upfront fee known as a retainer that can run $2,000 to $30,000. A retainer fee will give the lawyer security that he or she is not working in vain. If you are charged an hourly rate, the money will be taken out of the retainer fee. There are also lawyers who can charge a flat rate based on the complexity of your case. Contact a lawyer like Kassel & Kassel A Group of Independent Law Offices to help out your case so you won't have to spend an undeserving amount of time behind bars!