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4 Reasons You Need A DUI Attorney

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If you have received a DUI, you are going to have to determine whether or not you need a DUI attorney to help you resolve the case. When you receive a DUI, there is a chance that you could get your license suspended and even lose your job. A DUI attorney can help prevent this happening to you. Here are four main reasons you should consider hiring a DUI attorney:

  1.  Drunk Driving Laws Change: Since drunk driving laws change, there is a high chance that you aren't going to know exactly what your case is going to involve. This means that you could end up with worse consequences than you expected. If you hire a DUI attorney, he or she will make you aware of all the consequences that you face, as well as know how to get out of these charges, or at least lessen them. 
  2. Get Your License Back: In most states, you will get your license taken away from you immediately after being found guilty of a DUI. By hiring a DUI attorney, he or she can help you understand the steps of getting your license back. For example, most times you will need to go to traffic school and possibly even AA meetings. Your attorney will help you determine which steps are the right ones for you. 
  3. Help Reduce Enhanced Charges: Along with receiving a DUI, there are sometimes enhanced charges put against you. For example, if you damaged any property, put a child in danger, or more, then you will receive enhanced charges. In this case, you will want to have an attorney by your side who can reduce these charges, which is really helpful with saving you money. You don't want to have to pay huge fees for these enhanced charges on top of paying the fees for the DUI itself. 
  4. Prove Innocence: If you are truly innocent in the case of your DUI, then there is no doubt that you should hire a DUI attorney. If you try to prove your innocence on your own, it can be nearly impossible to not receive a guilty charge. An attorney is going to look through all the details of the case and ensure that all evidence of your innocence is presented in court and also ensure that this evidence cannot be refuted. 

Knowing these four reasons for hiring a DUI attorney will ensure that you are well prepared to fight your DUI case or at least get reduced charges.