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Questions To Ask Yourself After A DUI Charge

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Whether you are legally licensed to drive a vehicle or not, the most important thing to do is to handle it in a safe manner. The reason why is because all it takes is a small mistake to cause an accident that results in injuries or death. There are strict laws in place in regards to what you can and cannot do while operating a vehicle. For instance, it is illegal to operate a vehicle when you have consumed alcohol and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level is above a certain percentage. This article has a few questions that you should ask yourself if you were charged with a DUI offense and need assistance from an attorney.

How Much Alcohol Was Consumed?

The most important thing that an attorney will ask you about is the amount of alcohol that was consumed before you drove your vehicle. Were you unaware that you consumed an illegal amount of alcohol because you didn't drink many of such beverages? If so, there is the possibility that you were unknowingly served beverages that were supposed to be non-alcoholic but had small amounts of it that accumulated to a large amount. Let your attorney know where the beverages were consumed and who served them to you, as it might be information that can work in your defense. He or she might also want to know if you took drugs or were possibly drugged by someone else via the alcoholic beverages you consumed.

Did You Cause an Accident?

Another important aspect of getting charged with a DUI offense is whether or not an accident was caused due to your negligence. Causing serious injuries or death due to driving under the influence of alcohol can greatly increase the severity of the legal trouble that you are in. Even if you caused an accident that didn't result in anyone getting injured, it will have a negative impact on your defense. However, hiring an attorney can lead to a plea deal being entered that results in you being given the most minimum sentence possible.

What Is Your Criminal Background?

If you have committed any other DUI offenses in the past, your attorney will want to know. He or she will also ask questions about your overall criminal background, even if you committed crimes that don't involve DUI offenses. The reason why is because your character and criminal background can work in your favor if it isn't too bad. You might even want to give an actual copy of your criminal records to the attorney when you have a meeting with him or her so a thorough assessment can be performed. 

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