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Your Personal Injury Case: Common Types Of Compensation

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To win a personal injury lawsuit, you and your lawyer must prove that not only was the guilty party negligent, but that the negligence of the guilty party has led to your injury. If you have recently won a personal injury lawsuit or are in the midst of your case, your focus might be on the compensation you will receive, which will help you pay off any bills and get your life back on track.

Here are a few of the most common types of personal injury compensation.

Compensatory Damages

Otherwise known as non-economic damages, general compensatory damages is a type of compensation that covers the aspects of your life that not directly related to your job or any wages, bonuses, or other types of earnings that you could have received, had you not been injured.

General types of compensatory damage include:

  • Pain and suffering. Physical pain and the suffering that comes from it. The amount received is dependent upon the type of injury, the impact the injury has on the person's life, and how long it will take to recovery, if recovery is possible.
  • Loss of consortium. This applies to married couples who are no longer able to function as the couple did before the injury. For example, the couple may not be able to share intimacy.
  • Loss of enjoyment. A person may be entitled to loss of enjoyment if the injury doesn't allow the individual to participate in life as they once did, such as enjoy their favorite hobby.

Inconvenience and loss of opportunity are other types of general compensatory damage.

Special Compensatory Damages

The damages that are directly related to the injured party's finances, including the party's future finances, are considered special compensatory damages. This type of damages is intended to compensate the injured person for any money they would lose in the future, both in wages and in money spent on treatment for the injury.

For example, special compensatory damages would cover the cost of future medical care, physical therapy, home healthcare, rehabilitation, and medical equipment. Any future earnings are also awarded as a part of the special compensatory damage settlement.

The amount of compensation for special compensatory damages is not capped in many states and based on the nature and extent of the injury the past and potential future earnings of the injured party, and other factors associated with the financial impact of the injury.

From the potential lost wages to the pain and suffering associated with the injury, there are several different types of damages available. Contact your personal injury attorney with any further questions. Don't have one? Talk to Law Offices Of Timothy L Lapointe PC.