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How to Respond to Criminal Charges if You Are Innocent

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There are times when the police get things wrong and end up arresting innocent people for alleged crimes. If you got arrested for a crime you did not commit, how should you handle it? How do you respond to false accusations about crimes? Here is some information to help you know what you can do if you are innocent of the criminal charges the court filed against you.

Hire a Criminal Lawyer

Whether you are innocent or guilty of the criminal charges you face, you can hire a criminal defense lawyer. When searching for one, look for one with experience assisting innocent people. You should also look for one with experience with the charges you face. You cannot face criminal charges without a lawyer if you want a chance at proving your innocence.

Refuse to Say Anything or to Offer Evidence

Secondly, you need to avoid speaking with the police or anyone else about the criminal charges. They might try to convince you to confess to the crime even if you know you did not commit it. Additionally, you do not have to let them search your house or car if you are innocent. You can refuse this unless they have a warrant. By refusing these things, you can retain your rights.

Work on Gathering Your Evidence

The next step might take some time and work, but it is essential. You will need to gather any evidence you can that proves you did not commit the offense. One of the best things you can have is an alibi, which is a person that proves you could not have committed the crime. If you have an alibi, make sure the person is credible.

Let It Play Out

As the court looks at your case, they might decide they do not have enough evidence. If this occurs, they might drop the charges. Therefore, giving it time to play out can help you with your case.

Take a Plea Bargain if Nothing Else

If the court pursues the charges, and you cannot produce enough evidence to prove your innocence, you might want to consider taking a plea bargain. Talk to your lawyer before accepting or declining any offer the court gives to you.

These are the best things you can do if the court has criminal charges against you that you did not commit. If you need help fighting your case, contact a criminal law firm today.