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Mistakes Can Happen: What To Do After A Traffic Citation

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It's always annoying to be ticketed for a driving infraction. However, the cost of even minor offenses can be high. If you think law enforcement erred when they issued you a traffic citation, read on for what to do.

Common Citation Problems

Tickets can be challenged, and many people are successful if they prove that the officer made a mistake. Even the most experienced of officers can be wrong on occasion. Take the following issues, for instance:

  • Heavy traffic conditions can make it difficult for an officer to determine which vehicle was speeding, driving aggressively, or committing other violations.
  • The angle of the view can cause mistakes to be made. Highways curve and have inclines. The location from which the officer views a violation can create uncertainty.
  • Weather and the time of the day can affect an officer's ability to properly determine the facts. If you were ticketed at night and the lighting in the area was poor, the officer could have been mistaken in what they saw.
  • Malfunctioning equipment can also result in unwarranted tickets. The device used to judge the speed of vehicles, for example, must be properly calibrated and the officer must be trained to use the device. In many cases, these devices are only accurate under certain conditions.

Ticketed? What to Do

If you believe the officer issued you a citation in error, take these steps to clear your record. Traffic violations are never minor when they add points to your license, affect your auto insurance, and end up costing you a lot of money.

  1. Read the Information. Traffic tickets usually contain extremely small print on the reverse side of the ticket. You will be provided with instructions on paying for the violation or challenging it in court. Pay attention to the dates. If you ignore a ticket, a warrant could be issued for your arrest and that can create a huge mess.
  2. Get Legal Help. There are many reasons why you might need to seek advice from a lawyer when it comes to traffic violations. Some types of violations can result in criminal charges, such as reckless driving. You want to avoid losing your driving privileges so take the ticket seriously and speak to an attorney that handles these matters right away.
  3. Prove the Officer Wrong. Your lawyer will gather evidence to show that you were unfairly ticketed. The dash cam footage and other video evidence will be obtained and viewed. Many businesses and intersections have cameras trained on the roads.

Tickets can be surprisingly harmful, and you should not pay the price for a mistake. Speak to a criminal defense attorney to find out more.